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Working from home, Remote work & Sick leave

As with everything else, we assume our team members behave responsibly. We do however ask that you submit a request in Brease1 to keep track of the following things;

  • Work from home; if you want to spend a day working outside of the office. We do not have a limit on it, but try to not abuse this as a lot of things are easier for the team when they can meet face to face (e.g. SCRUM).
  • Remote work; if you plan on spending more than 2 consecutive days outside of the office, you’ll need approval from your team leader. We allow certain employees to be full time remote2, this is however on a case per case basis. If you want to move out of our main locations but still want to work remotely with us, just tallk to your team leader.
  • Sick leave; if you’re sick or unwell, add a request and make sure your team is aware of it.

When you’re working remotely, make sure you have a reliable connection, that you’re connected on Slack at all times and that you join SCRUM meetings and other discussions or meetings. We expect you to be proactive if you’re stuck or if you’re not assigned to any task.

1: Log in Brease with your Slack account. Brease is developed internally at Wiredcraft, so let us know in #brease on Slack if we can improve it.

2: For remote workers, we usually insist on having them coming into the office at least once a month when possible, especially for team buildings.