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Working from home, remote work & sick leave

Work from home

To ensure there is no confusion or abuse of the work from home benefit, your manager is in charge of monitoring working from home.

To apply to work from home you should:

  1. contact your manager and the operations team know at least one hour before the start of your working day
  2. ping the team in Slack (#general or your current project’s channel)
  3. be responsive on Slack.
  4. if you need to work from home for more than 2 days in a row, please see the remote working policy.

Note that work from home days are not limited.

Remote work

Remote work covers work out of office for a period longer than 2 consecutive days (other than sick leaves).

To apply for remote work you should contact your manager and the operation team at least one week before requesting remote work

Note that remote work must be requested via the “Holiday Request and HR Calendar”(title: Remote work_team member’s name) and be approved by your manager and the Operation team.

Furthermore team members and managers should stick to following guidelines:

What the company needs to do:

  • Provide equipment (laptop, Slack/Github access and potentially a seat in a coworking space)
  • Cover the cost of transportation for bi-weekly meeting during the week.This needs to be discussed individually depending on the involvement in projects for example.
  • Keep work calendar up to date and make sure the employee is taken care of

What the employee needs to do:

  • Real-time chat on Slack: Be online and ping in the channel daily
  • Ensure to take part of the daily scrum - online (call) or offline (Slack scrum)
  • Ensure to follow the development process (discussion in Slack and Github)
  • Face to face meeting bi-weekly minimum
  • Communicate on availability and working time at least 1 week in advance
  • Weekly reports and clearl outline of the work to be covered during the remote working period.
  • Participate in bi-weekly all-hands meeting
  • Be at least one time per month in the office
  • Attend team buildings

Sick leave

Sick leaves are days taken off due to sickness.

That that:

  1. for China, you are entitled to 5 sick days a year
  2. if you use all 5 sick days then the time off will be deducted from your remaining annual leave days
  3. in the event that there is no sick leave or annual leave left then the days off will be deducted from your salary

If more than 1 day, all sick leaves must be justified by a doctor’s note.