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  • Job ads: open positions are all advertised on the website. If your team needs to recruit a profile that is not advertised there, talk to your team and add a new job ad on the website. Make sure you understand how to write a job ad beforehand.
  • Recruitment priorities: we usually set recruitment priorities based on capacity planning. Let your team leader know if you think a certain profile should be a priority.
  • Advertisement: job ads (especially prioritised ones) are posted on multiple channels; social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, WeChat), newsletter, job platforms (e.g. Lagou), communities (e.g. V2EX, Hacker News)… You can read more about where we post which job ads and why.
  • Applications: we receive applications through multiple channels:
  • Applications review: as previously mentioned, all applications are tracked in Wiredcraft/recruitment, the recruitment repo. This provides the opportunity for anybody on the team to evaluate and comment on applications.
  • Screening calls & Interviews: for interesting candidates, we often recommend to do a first 15 minutes screening call to assess if it’s worth moving to a face to face interview. Feel free to skip this step if you feel the candidate is interesting enough.
  • Interviews: we try and do face to face interviews whenever possible, and video otherwise. These are usually run by the team leader. They’re usually divided in 3 parts (read the how-to if you need to interview a candidate):
    • First a 20 minutes discussion to evaluate the candidate’s experience, skills and fit (~20 minutes)
    • Then a 10 minutes Q&A for the candidate to ask questions about the position, company…
    • Finally, we give the candidate a test. If possible, this is done on-site (~60 minutes), otherwise sent online.
  • Offers: based on the results of the interview and test, we may decide to make an offer. We use a standard salary table to begin salary negotiations. Offers are validated by operations and the team leader before they’re sent out.