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Growth, Performances & Raises

We mostly do things to track performance and growth;

  • 1-on-1 happen every two months. They’re a simple face-to-face discussions between each team member and their manager. This is not only an opportunity for employees to get feedback on their performance and progress, but also sharing ideas on what the company and manager could improve on.
  • Performance reviews happen every 6 months. They focus on the work performance of employees and directly impact raises, bonuses & promotions. It usually cover the following;
    • Past performance; we go over the previous 6 months, review the work that has been done and the achievements that came out of it.
    • Employee feedback; we gather feedback directly from the individual and try to identify issues or support he may be lacking.

We constantly adjust the organization and colleagues responsibilities based on the 1-1, but we only consider raises or promotions at the performance review every 6 months.