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The employee pipeline

Employees, not unlike clients, go through a simple pipeline;

  1. Audience; at this stage, potential recruits may have heard of us from a blog post, from an event we organized or were referred from a friend. Sometimes they even are clients or partners (although we have a strict “no poaching” policy, meaning they need to reach out to us on their own).
  2. Applicants can apply to a specific position through our website. They are either organically coming to it (after reading one of our post or seeing one of our job ads) or are referred to it by one of our employees.
  3. Interviewees are invited to pick a time to come over to the office and meet with at least one senior (usually from the team the interviewee would join). We then evaluate their skills with a concrete exercise/task and decide whether or not we want to move further with an offer.
  4. Employees. Once they accepted our offer, we bring them on-board (usually a Friday). We try and make this first day memorable and as smooth as possible. We focus on employee happiness (regular feedback, clear performance and goal tracking, incentives, team building…) to ensure people love their job.
  5. Alumnus. Employees leave at some point. While our goal is to make sure this happens as rarely as possible, we do pride ourselves into maintaining good relations with past colleagues. We make sure we try and learn from their departure, and keep close through our [[alumni network]].