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How to request a purchase

In order to request a purchase you have to:

  1. Open an issue in the company Github. Make sure to assign it to the Operation team or your direct manager.
  2. Provide necessary information which should contain:
  3. Reason for purchase “I need a new license for this new design tool.”
  4. Cost of purchase “It is 99 USD/year for 5 licenses.”
  5. (Additional) Link to the purchase page. If no link is provided / can be provided, make sure to narrow things down to ensure the Ops team research is as painless as possible.
  6. Broadcast it to the team, you can outline it to your team members in your team channel or to the Operations team from the General channel.

A quick overview of the needed validation for various purchases.

Amount (total) Validation level
0 < 500 RMB Ops team
500 < 5,000 RMB Ops team & manager
> 5,000 RMB Head of Ops