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Expenses & Reimbursements

It sometimes happen that team members pay for a particular thing; a conference ticket, a taxi ride to a meeting, a lunch with team members…

Overall, our approach for these is the same as everything else; we assume you behave responsibly and expect you handle company expenses in the same way you would with your own money.

Here are few guidelines;

  • For any expense, you have to provide a fapiao (for China) or official invoice. Reach out to operations; they’ll tell you how to submit it with other details (e.g. date, explanation for the expense) for you to get reimbursed.
  • Small related expenses (e.g. cab ride) are systematically reimbursed, assuming they’re in a reasonable range (max of around 200 RMB/30 USD/ 30 EUR).
  • Larger expenses (e.g. business trip to another city, conference tickets for multiple team members) require confirmation from your team leader. Create an issue in the appropriate repo (e.g. Wiredcraft/business for a business trip or Wiredcraft/team for a conference) with the estimated budget and assign it to him.
  • Team leaders have access to a discretionary budget for their department they can use for things like team lunches, books, online courses…
  • Always ask your team leader if you think the company should reimburse something. Often, the reason why we haven’t offered to cover an expense is just that we’re not aware of it.