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Overtime work & Holidays


We don’t like overtime. But we sometimes have to push through a delivery, or accomodate a particular schedule.

What counts as overtime work? Overtime work is any work related to projects, tasks or events which are outside of regular working hours.

How will overtime work be compensated? Overtime work can be added up to 5 days per contract period. If the sum of overtime work exceeds this limitation, it will be compensated with payment according to the laws of the particular location the team member is working at.

Carry over of holidays to the new contract period

Team members are allowed to carry over up to 2 holiday days from the old contract period to the new one. These 2 days need to be taken within the first 3 months of the new contract period. If the team member misses this limitation, holiday days will expire.

Note that this includes free time which has been earned due the attendence of conferences or meetups Wiredcraft organised.