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Holidays & Overtime work

Holiday Regulation

How many holiday days am I entitled to?

Every new hire receives 13 base holidays when joining the company. We leave the possibility to negotiate the amount of holidays to the discretion of the managers.

When are the annual holidays updated?

Your annual holidays will be updated on January, 1st of each year.

Can I take over holiday days from the last year?

Team members are allowed to carry over up to 3 holiday days from the old year to the new one. These 3 days need to be taken within the first 3 months of the new contract period. If the team member misses this limitation, holiday days will expire.

Note that this includes free time which has been earned due the attendance of conferences or meetups which Wiredcraft has organised.

How many holiday days am I entitled to if I join the company during the year?

The amount of your holidays will be calculated the following way: (Base holidays / 12 (months)) x remaining months of the current year = available holidays

A team member joins WCL in May 2018. The number of holiday days the team member can actually use in 2018 is:

(13/12)*7= 7.58 days = 8 day

Can I claim more holiday days?

Holidays will be adjusted based on your employment in the company. Your experience level could vary the holidays as well.

Years at the company Base holiday days Holidays added New holidays
0-2 13 - 13
2 13 2 15
3 13 4 17
4 13 7 20
5+ 13 9 22

Am I entitled to extra holiday days when joining conferences organised by Wiredcraft?

When working at conferences organised by the company you are entitled to extra holidays.

If you worked on a Saturday or Sunday, you are entitled to 1.5 extra holiday days. If you worked both, Saturday and Sunday, you are entitled to 3 extra holidays.

Am I entitled to extra holiday days when helping at meetups?

Helping at Meetups is fun but also great for our business development. We are well known for our great organisation and the great work our team does on these. The following rules apply for meetups:

  • A meetup organiser is entitled to 0.5 days extra holidays per meetup
  • Helping on two meetups will entitle you to 0.5 extra holidays

When do you I have to request upcoming holidays?

Make sure to request upcoming holidays with your manager at least 1 week in advance. This is important to plan capacities and prevent clashes.


You are entitled to extra holiday days in the following situations:

  • meet ups (company activities except team buildings and team retreats)
  • Conferences organised by the company
  • overtime work (see next section)
  • upon your leader’s decision

Overtime work

We don’t like overtime. But we sometimes have to push through a delivery or accommodate a particular schedule.

What counts as overtime work?

Overtime work is work that is needed to be finished outside the regular working hours. Note that overtime work is not a compensation for the employee lack of structure and management of their own schedule, it is a constrict time validated by management due to some unforeseen needed work.In other words, it is not a solution to mismanaged personal work.

In all cases your manager needs to communicate with you upfront that work needs to be finished and the estimated time for it.

How do I attrack for overtime work and how can I get overtime compensation?

For the employee’s process:

All overtime should be record on Harvest and with the following points:

  • Overtime reason
  • Date (if not the same day)
  • Project
  • Estimated work load.

Your overtime must be reasonable and your manager will be reviewed it.

For the manager and HR’s process:

  1. All managers will send all confirmed team members’ overtime records to HR by the last day of each month.
  2. Then HR will calculate your compensation according to the overtime regulations.
  3. The extra holidays or pay out will apply from the following month.

Note: The total amount of overtime work, either at meetups or projects, can be only added up to 5 day max per year of extra holiday days. Every work time that exceeds this amount of holidays will be paid out according to the laws of the particular location the team member is working at.

How will my overtime work be calculated?

By default, all OT hours will be converted to holiday first, with 5 days maximum per calendar year. Monthly accumulated overtime hours / 8 hours = Extra overtime holidays, always round UP to half a day.


  • I overtimed 9 hours in the December, so I will get 9/8= 1.125, and round up to 1.5 days as my extra holidays.
  • I overtimed 12 hours in the December, so I will get 12/8= 1.5, 1.5 days as my extra holidays.
  • I overtimed 13 hours in the December, so I will get 13/8= 1.625, and round up to 2 days as my extra holidays.

The company is against working OT and we will try our best to avoid having the team work more than 40 hours per week. If you are facing a task that needs to be completed on off-hour , we encourage you to discuss with your leader or PM to come up with flexible arrangement before taking OT. We consider the performance of OT hours as acceptance of above OT rules.

Other types of holidays

What is the specific policy for funeral leave?

The number of days of funeral leave is differentiated according to the different levels of relatives:

Relatives Leave days
Immediate family members(Parents; Spouse; Child) 3 days
Grandparents 2 days