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The Event Process

We organize events regularly and this is the process to follow when you want to organize an event.


Events What it is Frequency
Talks Where we have 1 featured speaker and 2 lightning talks (5-10 mins long); Minimum of 15 attendees, up to 60 attendees Once every other month
Workshops Interaction, which attendees work on a task in small groups; Educational, which attendees come and learn new concept and discuss Once every other month
Community which attendees get together at a picked bar and hang out without an agenda, this creates opportunity for community members to network once per month




  • 7:00-7:30 Check-in & Networking
  • 7:30-7:40 Intro & Community news
  • 7:40-8:10 Talk 1 & QA
  • 8:15-8:45 Talk 2 & QA
  • 8:50-9:00 On-stage recruitment & Lucky draw

1 Month before

  • Choose a theme for the event, pay attention to what our crowd is interested in
  • Find a featured speaker, go to LinkedIn, send direct messages and ask your coworkers for speaker recommendations, or ask in related WeChat groups
  • Confirm a date, avoid Monday and Friday

Note: always reach more speaker candidates than you need, this will allow you to have fall-back options

3 weeks before

  • Promote event, post event info on Wiredcraft’s event page, meetup.com,
  • Create event flyer, use the template on Figma
  • Social channels push, they are WeChat, LinkedIn, Twitter, WeChat groups and Newsletter

1 week before

  • Check registration number, have an expectation
  • Collect decks from speakers, avoid receiving last-minute decks
  • Create a survey, or use the previous template and add questions for your event
  • Supporting staff, let your team member know what their roles are and what date it is
  • Prepare host notes, have a written-down agenda, stuff you want to mention
  • After-party bar (optional) - some of the bars around us are willing to give group discounts if we let them know in advance

One the day

Logistics (Take these stuff with you if the event happens somewhere out of office)

  • Stand-Up banner
  • Gifts for lucky draw, could be tote bag, T-shirt, Mugs, or sponsor’s gifts
  • Camera + mic + tripod
  • Laptop + adapter + HDMI cable
  • Name tag and QR codes

Staff (Make sure you have at least 2 - 3 team members are there to help)

  • Check-in/logistics, make sure attendees scan QR codes
  • Camera, take pictures of the crowd, speaker, the event venue,
  • Host, bring your notes


  • Check-in/socialize 20 mins
  • Talk, featured talk 20-30 mins, lightning talks 5-10 mins each
  • QA and recuitment, flexible, make sure talk to a few attendees, ask about their thoughts of the talk, event in general, if you see a potential business lead, be sure to get their name cards and later let your BD member know

After event

  • Attendee review: Number of Total attendees, new attendees,
  • Send out survey thru Email, WeChat push messages or meetup.com messages
  • Make a simple report, using data you received from above steps


2 months before

  • Decide target audience and length of workshop
  • Prepare structure for the workshop - decide what the goal will be and a detailed outline of what you will cover. The more work you put in upfront on the structure, the easier it will be to flesh out later. If you can tie it together with a storyline that is appropriate for your target audience, that will also help to keep the content interesting.
  • Confirm approximate dates

1 month before

  • Confirm date and time, maximum class size
  • Work on your slides and any exercises for the attendees
  • Start promotion: think about the best places to push the workshop (depends on your topic). Create flyers and copy to appeal to them. Consider both internal (Wiredcraft OA, newsletter) and external sources (WeChat groups, Eventbrite etc.)

1 week before

  • Remind confirmed attendees about the details (date, preparation work, tools to bring)
  • Have slides largely finalized - run through with a team member for feedback if needed
  • Prepare printout materials

The day before


  • Check your furniture setup in the Workshop area - double check there is enough seating for everyone, power outlets etc.
  • Check projector, mic
  • Send out last reminder email/message to attendees, along with directions


  • Check-in
  • Host
  • Camera and support


3 weeks before

  • Confirm a bar location and a deal (e.g. 20% off for attendees)
  • Start event promotion, on meeup.com and social channels

1 week before

  • Check if there’s company news to share, such as recruiting info

On the day


  • Banner
  • QR codes
  • Gift (optional)
  • News to announce(optional)


  • Let your coworkers know about the event, ask them to join
  • Make sure there is a host to greet attendees at the bar