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How do we do content planning?

Content planning helps us to stay ahead of our tasks and projects. If we do content planning right, it will save us tons of time.


Make sure you have items below to start your planning.

  • A content calendar that’s clear and straight forward, including an editorial roadmap, an editorial calendar and a detailed publishing calendar to each date, also a performance tracking sheet for you follow

  • A content pipeline document to collect content ideas, use this doc to work with other teams, and make sure cross out used ideas

  • Set up a weekly content scrum with your team members and stick to the schedule, always have a scrum agenda ready beforehand

Publishing Strategy

We publish content on our website and social channels, and we send out a monthly newsletter to our subcribers.

Pick your major social channels and be consistent, it is good to be consistent on focused channels. We choose LinkedIn and WeChat as our main channels.

  • WeChat:
    • 1 post per week on Wednesday at 5:00 PM
    • 3 posts:
      • 1 featured post (from Wiredcraft)
      • 2nd post is the featured post from the week before OR an interesting pick (for example a marketing report from another agency).
      • 3nd post is a popular archived post.
  • LinkedIn:
    • 2 to 3 posts per week:
      • Monday 12:00 PM,
      • Wednesday 12:00 PM,
      • Friday 1:00 PM.
    • Content should be similar to that of the WeChat update (1 featured, 1 archive and 1 previously featured or pick from the team).
  • Blog:
    • 1 post per week, excluding event updates and company news (e.g. new hires).
    • Post should be preferably pushed on Tuesday EOD (to be ready for Wednesday update).
  • Newsletter:
    • First Monday of each Month, at 9:00 AM.
    • Content includes:
      • Word from a leader that is on topic.
      • 3 highlights (mix of Wiredcraft and others’ content).
      • We also mention other interesting updates we had for the month.

Content Calendar

Make sure your content calendar is efficient in terms of visual layout and easy to tweak among your coworkers.

In our content calendar spreadsheet, we have

  • Publishing calendar: it covers content to be published on specific date, set a topic for each week at the content scrum a week before
  • Editorial Calendar: this tells you what content is in the pipeline, this is different from the content pipeline doc since it gives more details on the status, visual owner, and publishing date, etc.
  • Editorial Roadmap: go over the roadmap once a month, mark the important date and event, plan content for them
  • Performance Tracking: we are not crazy about social media, but we do hope to gradually improve our performance; and a good way to learn your performance is to measure it, at the moment we track the number of followers (more metrics to be added)