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Marketing primer


  • Core elements: we create content & organize events aligned with our interests (mostly technology, strategy, data & design). Channels are there to publish and/or promote them.
  • Tone: we’re truthful, open & witty. We share our honest opinions with the same language we would use in person. This means sometimes posting content that may feel uncomfortably transparent or direct.
  • Audience: we’re talking to digital product experts. This means we often focus first on more senior profiles. Think CDOs, CTOs, CIOs, digital team leaders, senior engineers/designers/data analysts…
  • Goals: marketing supports business and recruitment goals. With that being said, we do so by being genuine, helpful and trustworthy, not hard selling our job opportunities and services.
  • Topics & Keywords: Digital product, Omnichannel, WeChat, Product design, UI, UX, Analytics, E-commerce, Loyalty, O2O, New retail, DevOps, mini-program, Javascript, React.


  • Content: “No, we’re not an agency” is a good example of a post that is genuine, straight to the point (aka short) and somehow controversial, but reflects our honest opinion about the industry and who we are.
  • Events: our UI/UX meetups have been very popular, bringing us several business opportunities. We started it out of frustration: we wanted an event with knowledgeable and passionate speakers that didn’t feel like an advertisement for the organizing company.


Channel Description Updates
Website We post all of our content on the website; case studies, blog posts, events announcements, videos, reports/ebooks. 1+/week
Events We organize frequent meetups (e.g. Shanghai UI/UX) and yearly conferences (e.g. UI/UX Conf). 1+/month
Newsletter & Social media We post regular updates of our events and content. WeChat: 1/week, Newsletter: 1/month, LinkedIn: 1+/week

Planning & Tracking

If you don’t have access to the documents linked below, ask for an invitation to your colleagues in Slack.