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Internal marketing strategy

Our marketing strategy is overall simple and aligned with our business approach: being genuine, helpful and trustworthy.

We’re are a digital product agency. We create digital solutions for the largest brands in the world (with a special focus on luxury, retail and FMCG).

That includes things like customer loyalty platforms (WeChat, mobile, web), new retail solutions (O2O installations), AI for customer insights…


Whether we talk at an event, speak to a client or write a post, our tone is consistent:

  • Confident & Knowledgeable; we know what we’re talking about and are confident in our opinions and expertise.
  • Upfront & Transparent; we say it how it is and share as much as we can with the rest of the world1.
  • Witty & Approachable; we’re sometimes cheeky and make sure people know they can reach out.

1: This means we sometimes share things that would make others uncomfortable, like sharing our entire way of running our company through this playbook.


  • Primary: Agency, Solutions, Product, Digital, Design, Innovation, Enterprise, Loyalty, Retail, FMCG, Luxury, WeChat.
  • Secondary: DevOps, Javascript, React, Big data, Data science, Machine learning, AI, mini-program, New retail, O2O, Omnichannel, Analytics, Data warehouse.


  • Content; the most important element of our marketing plan; blog posts and videos (from events). We occasionally get others to write about us (e.g. TIA Article).
  • Events; monthly meetups (e.g. Shanghai UI/UX) and yearly conferences (e.g. JSConf China). We also participate to and speak at other events (e.g. Barcamp).
  • Newsletters; we collect email addresses through our blog, events and business development. We reach out to these mailing lists regularly (at least once a month).
  • Social media; we broadcast our content and events on various social media, with a special focus on WeChat, LinkedIn and Facebook.


We track all of the content and events (whether ours or others’) in a spreadsheet.

The schdule goes roughly as follows;

  • At least 1 blog post per week; this excludes “fluff posts” (e.g. new team member joining or upcoming event).
  • 2 to 4 meetups per month; UI/UX (every month in both Berlin and Shanghai), Hacker News (every month in Shanghai), JS meetup (once every two months in Shanghai) and occasionally a few others (DevOps, Ansible, Docker…).
  • 2 to 3 newsletters a month; a personal email from our CEO every couple weeks (includes some insights about a single topic and usually a link to one of our posts) and a summary of the past month (collection of posts from us and others).
  • A WeChat post every week; which usually points to our latest blog post/case study/event.
  • Posting new content on LinkedIn and Facebook regularly, either new posts/events/case studies or older popular entries. We cross-post our blog posts on LinkedIn.