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Pitching our company

If and when you have to pitch our team, you’ll probably do giving increasing levels of details:

  1. In a nutshell, “We’re a digital product agency”,
  2. More details “We build web and mobile apps, and provide a range of related services including data science, DevOps, design and strategy”,
  3. Concrete examples and bragging.“We’ve built things like the software that ran the Myanmar elections with USAID to rebuilding Starbucks’ entire digital strategy for the Chinese market (mobile apps, websites, payment gateways…)”.

After this you’ll need to adapt your pitch to the audience:

  • If you’re talking to an engineer, you’ll want to talk about the tech we’re using (e.g. Docker, Node.js, Golang).
  • If your audience is more design-oriented, talk about our design culture (e.g. How we design products).
  • In any case, try and brag about the type of clients we’ve worked with (e.g. Apple, Starbucks, the UN) and the scale at which we’ve done so (e.g. 35M voters in Myanmar, business intelligence for all of Apple’s manufacturing).

Ultimately, if you run into a question or inquiry more than a couple times, it would be a good idea to have somebody write a post about it. Our blog should be the best FAQ for prospective clients (or recruits).