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Contract numbering scheme

In order to keep the overview over our contracts and being able to consolidate them across different platforms, we are implementing the following contracting scheme.

How do we name and number the contracts?

We are following this pattern:

Location - Client Name - Opportunity - Type of Contract - Date [YYMMDD]

For example:


Which means:

  • S - Contract for Shanghai
  • BASF - The client is BASF
  • 1 - Third contract with the client
  • SOW - This is a SOW document
  • 170626 - It was signed on the 26 of June 2017

See below for more information on each item.

Numbering items

  1. Location
Acronym Definition
S Shanghai
G Global
B Berlin
  1. Client Name
  2. Opportunity number
  3. Contract naming
Acronym Definition
NDA Non Disclosure agreement
MSA Master Service Agreement
SOW Statement of Work
CO Change Order
  1. Date (date of signature of client) - Format YYMMDD

Where do we add the contract number?

We need to have a contract number scheme on all related tools and documents:

  • Wave - add in contract number field
  • Google docs- contract number in footer
  • Github issue - contract number in title