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How to get to a signed contract?

When we win a project (see our sales workflow), we usually prepare a contract (although larger clients often have their own SOW or consulting agreement template).

Preparing a contract is pretty straightforward once you have the estimate done;

  1. Gather the legal details from the client (you can use the Google Form for that1). This includes;
    • The full legal name of the client’s organization,
    • The full legal address of the client’s organization,
    • The name and contact info (phone number & email address) of the client’s point of contact,
    • The name of the client’s signee.
  2. Copy the contract template, or alternatively the template from the client, from Google Docs into the proper folder (WCL Business › Projects › CLIENT_NAME). The file should be name something like Wiredcraft-CLIENT_NAME-PROJECT_NAME.
  3. Fill it in with both the legal details and the content from the estimate (see annotation highlighted in yellow throughout the template).
  4. Submit the contract to the client. If possible use HelloSign to get it signed (you can also share it as a PDF or a view-only Google Doc otherwise).
  5. Prepare invoicing. Once the client has signed the contract, prepare and schedule all the invoices based on the payment schedule (we use Wave).

Note that if the client is asking for any kind of modification of our contract template, this need to be reviewed and analyzed by a more senior team member.

1: this form can be edited there and will record results a spreadsheet available in WCL Business › Forms.