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Dealing with projects

To ensure the success of projects we follow 4 core concepts:

  1. Transparency: the clients and team members all have access to the same information and the same communication channels (e.g. Github, Slack, Hackpad).
  2. Traceability: all actions are clearly outlined and tracked online most likely Github (e.g. meeting next steps, migrating emails discussions to issues, actionable discussions from Slack).
  3. Accountability: team members and clients are accountable for their respective actionables.
  4. Rational, not emotional: make decisions based on the realities of the situation, not on reaction to emotions (learn to respond, not react).

Leading by example and enforcing these concepts is paramount for the project manager and benefits the team members at large.

A few other concepts to keep in mind:

  • Always under promise and over deliver
  • Prototype fast
  • Deliver in small incremental batches