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Loosely coupled, tightly aligned

As mentioned before, many aspects of our organization naturally adopt a “loosely coupled, tightly aligned” approach. For example;

  • Small, independent and agile teams.
  • Service oriented software architectures. We tend to prefer building apps with separate front-end and backend codebases, combining micro-services in the backend (rather than a monolithic API) and modular, component-based front-ends.
  • Ad-hoc and flexible processes. This very playbook outlines high level concepts for understanding our approach to the main activities of our organization. While we have core values, these activities are ran independently and subject to frequent change independently of each others.

It’s important that you keep this concept in mind through your work and interactions with others on the team. In particular, be aware that things are not set in stone; if you see a way to improve or fix things, just speak out. In most cases, things are set a certain way because it was good enough until now.