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Visual identity

Our visual identity is maintained on Figma

  • Logotype, logomark Our brand signature contains both a logotype “Wiredcraft” and a logomark “W”
    • Safe zones (needs thumbnail)
    • donts (needs thumbnail)
  • Colors
    • Black: #FF202124
    • Red: #FF4847
    • Grey: #B7B7B7
  • Typography Our primary font is used virtually everywhere. From the logotype itself to promo materials, print assets and social media events.
    • NEXT
    • All headlines, titles or descriptions should be aligned left
    • Capitalization style: sentence case (All words are lowercased, except for proper nouns and acronyms)
  • Alternative typography Google fonts are used in Google Docs and places where custom fonts are not available.


You can create your own documents with predefined styles (font, color, layout) for both internal and external use.

Level Size Weight
H1 36px extra light
H2 21px bold
H3 16px bold, color: #FF4847
H4 14px
body 11px
caption 9px
Level Size Line-height
H1 48px 1.05
H2 25px 1.05
H3 21px 1.05
H4 18px 0.08
H5 16px 1.10
H6 14px 1.15
12px 1.18
10px 1.2
9px 1.3
7px 1.25
  • More Templates & layouts
    • Proposal deck (link)
    • Product deck (link)
    • Service deck (link)
    • Work deck (link)


  • Naming decks
    • Client_name project_name + template_type
      eg. Bulgari Mini Program Proposal
    • Capitalization style: title case (All Words Are Capitalized)
  • Tone of voice
    • Witty, straight-forward, non-apologetical, in the doing
  • Style
    • Prefer concise, simple and arresting titles (max. 3 lines on a half width column)
    • jargon and acronyms are acceptable
    • Capitalization style: sentence case (All words are lowercased, except for proper nouns and acronyms)
  • Typography Rules
    • for lists: replace bullets with (option + shift + hypen) and space
    • for titles:
      • replace the conjunction “and” with ampersand ”&”
      • titles and paragraphs end with a full stop


  • Latest corporate pictures are here
  • Red overlay
    • Used on photos, video and social media material.
    • Test


Our illustrations are made very simple, basics forms and colors with a play on solid and stroke The idea should be simple enough to be executed with paper and a pair of scissors


  • Specs to be added shortly

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Ronan Berder
CEO & Founder
Wiredcraft - Engineering innovation
Mobile: (+86) 138 8888 8888
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