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The Wiredcraft playbook is a collection of articles describing methodologies, concepts, values, ideas and answers that help us run our company.

How does it work?

The playbook is organized in sections. You can either browse these sections or use the search to try and find an answer to your questions.

If you can’t find your answer, just ask a question (this will create a GitHub issue in our Wiredcraft/team repo). Chances are others may be interested in the answer.

Add an article when needed. This could be a key concept (e.g. our company culture](http://playbook.wiredcraft.com/article/culture/)), a process (e.g. employee onboarding) or a specific how-to for one of our tools (e.g. how we track business leads in Streak and GitHub).

A few things about articles;

  • Make an article sticky by adding sticky: true in the YAML front matter.
  • You can manage the order articles in a section by adding a weight attribute.
  • All articles must have a section (e.g. section: development). These sections are defined in the /_sections folder.

What to write?

We don’t want the playbook to grow into a huge collection of stale articles. The really tough thing is to find the right balance of details.

You should expect sticky articles to be fairly high level collections of methodologies and concepts that only need the occasional update every other month. If it’s more detailed, most likely you want to write it as a how-to (e.g. How to prepare a proposal).

Resist the urge to document every specific thing we do; some things are better documented in ad-hoc documentation (Google Docs, GitHub wiki, README file) or captured in a tool/automation.

If you’re not sure, just ask a question first or ask your team leader to help you write or proof your articles.