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Projects using Docker containers

Docker containers offer a wide range of benefit, allowing to QA, deploy with the exact same versions on dev / staging / prod.

Containers need to be built, hosted and shared between the various environments and benefit from having a centralized architecture.


You need the following set and available:

  • Project’s Pipelines instance + admin access (see [[Pipelines]])
  • A server capable of running Docker containers


  • Add the project to Wiredcraft Docker registry:
    • Create a project
    • Create users for that project
    • Update permissions of current users to access the new project
    • (optional) Set replication to China
  • Configure the project’s Pipelines:
    • (optional) Add secret file to read data from the vault
    • Add the pipelines to build the containers
    • Add the pipelines to deploy the containers on the remote servers
    • (optional) Add Webhook support for auto-build / auto-deploy

Sit down and relax (or start coding!); you can now enjoy your platform being updated automatically (via webhook) or triggered manually by a simple button.

Sample pipelines


Extra notes to include

  • {cust}-build: R/W to registry US - {cust} to be replaced by the real customer name
  • {cust}-deploy: R/O from registry US + CN
  • sync: R/W on all projects - used only for replication
  • {cust} should also match the pipelines name
  • https://pipelines-{cust}.service.wiredcraft.com/keys: must be included to the wcladmin user (or other user)