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How to write content?

Writing content can be hard to get right, but it must for a company to market successfully. Whether it’s a blog, social media, newsletter, press pitch, or whatever, it’s all content and it needs to be written carefully and masterfully.

  • Make it useful and/or interesting: If someone’s taking the time out of their lives to read something, it should be exciting or instructive. They want to learn or be entertained, so write to one of both of these objectives.
  • Keep it short, to the point: Attention spans only get shorter (thanks, Internet) and people want gratification fairly quickly, so spit it out and publish it already.
  • Triple-check all of it: Mistakes can ruin a message like nothing else, be it grammar, spelling, poor formatting, or a broken link. Check everything three times. Better yet, get a second and third opinion before posting.
  • And show some personality: Encyclopedias aren’t especially fun to read and neither is any content without voice. People write, not machines, so the content should feel like that when it’s read.