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How to schedule and produce blog content?

Blog posts are at the core of our marketing strategy; they’re the main asset driving traffic to our website and a key element when pitching clients. Getting a consistent stream of blog posts from our creatives and developers is very challenging, but crucial to our activity.

We host weekly editorial meetings as a marketing team to coordinate our posts and ensure the process is moving smoothly.

  • We keep a schedule of upcoming blog posts in a Google Spreadsheet and rigorously map things out in advance.
  • Then we spend some time building a list of interesting topics well in advance to map out a good variety for publishing.
  • Finding contributors is next. The trick here is finding colleagues who have done work relevant to the topic and are interested in sharing their thoughts and experience.
  • At every meeting, we’ll follow this agenda:
    • For that week (1 week before posting): making sure posts are ready, scheduling last touches/polish and scheduling the sharing/PR/outreach campaign (for example, if we mention a 3rd party, maybe reach out to them).
    • For the next week (2 weeks before posting): checking on progress and making sure we’ll meet the deadline. Potentially figure out who on the team needs/can help.
    • For the week after (3 weeks before posting): picking a topic and identifying people on the team to be contributors.

If you’ve never written a blog post and don’t know where to start, I recommend you read “Blogging in 3 steps”. For making your blog content more interesting, check “Company Blogging Done Best (Or, Make Sure It’s Not A Snoozefest)”