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Hiring & Terminating

  • Hire slow, fire fast
  • Hiring process (STEPS?)
  • Termination process (STEPS?)

  • Referral Bonus

  • How much do we pay? 5000 RMB in China, 700 EUR in Germany

  • When do we pay? China: 1/4 on successfully probation period, that means 30 days after hiring - nothing if the person doesn’t join or doesn’t pass the probation. The remaining 3/4 after 6 months - nothing if he quits. Germany: 1/4 after one month, 3/4 after probation period (6 months)

  • Who can be recommended? Full-time and Part-time team members

  • What counts as recommendation? The application must be submitted through the Github recruitment channel. When answering “How did you hear about Wiredcraft?”, the applicant should clearly state the name of the employee who refers the job to him/her and comment a bit how they’ve known each other. In case a candidate is interested in the company, e.g. met us at a meetup, stumpled upon social media of one of our team members, we will decide from case to case if a team member was really involved in the referral process.

Note: Not accepted are recommendations for interns or former employees of the company

  • What happens when hire quits unexpectedly? We stick to the regulation mentioned above

  • What happens when we want to fire the hire? We stick to the regulation mentioned above