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Brand design

Broadly speaking, brand design defines the perception of a brand or product.

It usually is a collection of objectives, guidelines and assets such as logo, colors, typography, UI elements… It often is summarized through a UI kit, kitchen sink approach, and brand or style guide.


Visual identity: It contains the guideline of typography, colors, logo, do & don’t cases, sample. It also defines the feelings the brand want to convey.

Typography: Font family, font size, line height, character spacing.

Colors: Primary color, secondary color, color palette

Assets: Primary button, secondary button, the style of icons

Logo: Different use cases: Colorful logo, white logo in the black background. Avoiding use cases: Incorrect style, position, combinations, wrong color of logo.

Sample: Business Card Cup T-shirt Brochure

Kitchen sink: A guideline for designing the web. Design elements: color palette, typography, logo, imagery UI Components JS Components Widgets


Understand: Research, vision & design brief

Diverge: steal, get inspiration etc, using moodboard, bookmarks, InVision boards etc… Collect inspiration and start defining broad potential directions

Converge: Collect the best elements from each idea and then let it be a best solution.

Draft production: Rapidly sketch the idea and discuss with team.

Digital implementation: Bring our sketches to Sketch or Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop.